Friday 9 August 2013

Attempt # 1 to get 100$ in one day.. Half way there!

Heya all,
Dale and i went on a long distance trip yestarday having two different objectives
Dale wanted to get old coins, i wanted to get 100$ in one day...
.. Important thing to mention, both of use were using CTX3030, but dale with 12 inch coil, while i was using 17 inch coil.

This resulted in a mixed outcome- Dale was able to pick up smaller silver coins from dry soil layer underneath wet layer, where i was not hearing them. So i got NO silver coins(or maybe i was just unlucky) and Dale got.... 11!
He almost got Full house in one day - missing the Florin :-(

Then in the evening i had another hour in the park with Olly in attempt to get at least 1 silver coin for the day - and i got it (after changing to smaller coil) - 1934 Shilling

Overall a good day, but very exhausting. i would rather be at the beach :

Total coins for the day :112 coins (1/2Cent coins are not in the picture)


  1. A good haul of spendable's.
    So it would seem the 11" standard coil is more versatile than the 17" in a park.

    Hey don't you guys work? Always detecting when I am working :-(


    1. Thursday and Friday are days off this week for me and Dale :-)
      And yes, with Dry under wet soil conditions are a bit tricky and smaller coil will have better sensativity