Friday 27 September 2013

Would Queen Victoria wear that? ;-)

With all the crazy weather we had this week, there should be some cuts - that is what i though.
Dan also called me saying i should go for a detect as certain beaches we washed away. But unfortunately I had to work and there was a limited time to get to the low tide time, so Dale and i met up at Takapuna ... Wrong beach :-( sanded in with extra seaweed on top. being at rush hour, there was no way we could get fast to any south side beaches, so we decided to stick to one of local parks.

Glad we did! i got the best silver item i even dug up in the dirt :
over 30 gram and over 80 CZ  Silver bracelet :

It had all stones intact, but 2 were cracked :-( , so when i was washing it on stone fall apart.. eh... maybe i will restore it later on... very beautiful bracelet

Here are some other finds from the evening :

The dog tag (goes into pet tag collection) has a new name : Phoebe
* 4 pennys all came from one hole, deep 30 sm down, below "fill" soil . and all are Victorian pennys with years: 186X , 1870, 1876 & 1877

Yet another good evening :-)
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  1. Nice find. Quite unusual.

    Did any of the beaches have cuts have you heard?

  2. whangaparaoa beaches mainly :-(

  3. Was the bracelet found with the CTX?

    1. heya Chris,
      Yes, with CTX and 11 11 inch coil. Numbers wre 08-38