Friday 18 May 2012

Excalibur Trip #11 , Cheltenham, Pull tab Personal Record

Good Evening Everyone,
Treasure Seeker and I went on a dual hunt to our favorite beach - Cheltenham.
As it is way over the end of beach season and there were no storms- we didnt expect much.
So i got two 1$ coins, then i got a spoon -the really interesting tendency is that once i find any cutlery i usually find a ring after that, so i told Treasure Seeker that i should find a ring anytime after the spoon! And what do you think? 15 minutes later a tiny Silver Ring :

But the best Find of the day is actually awesome Toy Bulldozer . Also beating personal Record of max Pull Tabs in a hunt - 44 ! it is just a pity that there were no gold ring in those 44 targets :-( :

That is a full Truck Load of Pull tabs :-))

Tomorrow i will be going to either Takapuna or Mission bay for water hunting, if anyone would like to make me company - txt or call me :-)

See ya all at the beach and happy Hunting .

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