Friday 25 May 2012

The full day of treasure hunting with Treasure Seeker

Good Day Everyone.
Today was an incredible day for Metal Detecting with nice weather , good company and outstanding finds!
Treasure Seeker and i went on a 100 km round trip today including some parks and a beach that started at 6 am today.
As we were scouting a lot of new places, i can not tell you areas we visited as we are planning to come back :-), Sorry guys.

Anyway. here is an incredible story of our day:

The first stop was at a park that was build over old school field, so we expected to have a lot of old targets, but upon arrival and scanning the area we realized that old ground was stripped and new soil put over as we had no old targets what so ever, but within first 15 minutes i found the following silver ring that i do really like :

At that point i said that even if i find nothing else, i am still happy with a trip. We spent about an hour at the park pulling "goldies" but left to follow initial plan of trying to break the "Curse". To those who do not know : Treasure Seeker wasunable to Find Half Crown and i was missing Florin and half crown. So i said that as far as i got my silver ring we need to go and find that half a crown! Treasure Seeker laughed at my optimism and we were on our way to the next spot.

Next stop was some random small, like really small park with playground and a bench, nothing else.
We scanned playground pulling couple of bucks each and decided to check couple of trees around, i just start walking towards trees, while Treasure Seeker was scanning the ground.....

....10 steps behind be i hear : "YES YES!!!!yes!!!!!" i turned around and could see a big smile...
... Yes it was a Half Crown pulled from an unexpected place - the 2 meters of grass between bench and playground. It was very shallow as well!

We spent about half an hour at the park and didnt find any other silvers. However i did find couple artifacts : the biggest lead weight i ever found (in the park?!) and thought to be silver pen made in England. but turned out to be just steel.

Now Treasure Seeker being in a good believing mood  said that we need to go and find a Florin for me :-)
So we went to our next place ... and what you think ??
.... Now it was me shouting :  "YES YES!!!!yes!!!!!" just minutes in our hunt .
I did pull that Florin ! :

There were other cool finds from the spot like 1882 Half Penny, USMC Button and Vintage Car Club of NZ badge :

We did pull pennies and some $$ from the spot, but there were no rings and to full fill the quest of the day- ring for everyone, we headed to the beach.

We didnt find much at the beach to be honest, but we did complete the quest and got a silver ring each !
Mine was another CTR ring , this time a tiny one :

Here are all my keepers for the day :

Not going to name everything you see as main things are described above. But the only other note is about those 3 blobs of something above copper plate - those do have gold color and i was joking that i found Gold NUGGETS! :-) most likely they are brass. but will see once clean them up properly and test.

I want to say is a HUGE thank you to Treasure Seeker for a fantastic day. (do not forget to check his blog for todays finds)

And the last thing to say is : Do your research, team up with other people and have fun guys!

Next update is the big video of all my finds for the last 6 month!