Sunday 13 May 2012

Excalibur Trips #8#9 and Gold Bug Park Hunt

Hi All,
Not that Many finds over the last 2 weekends, so will summarize here:

So Trip #8 was last Sunday at Takapuna during the lowest tide 0.2 .
I wasn't trying to hunt but tried to locate the end of the sand beach and the starts of clay bottom.
The result was 2$ coin , Smoking pipe and the part from old Photo camera.
Based on the marking Wollesak Opt.CO and the "pat feb 6 1900" it is a part of

(1900) Rochester Century Box

Then On a Trip #9 with Chris  we went to Takapuna at the low tide again and i finally located the Clay Bottom, but it was already dark and i didnt really want to be chest deep in the water in Pitch black :-(
My findings from the trip are in the middle column on the picture above.
And here is a close up of the ring (no marking on it- so i think it is brass) :

And Final trip with my Gold Bug was to one of Milford Parks where i found nice pocket knife that i tried to restore, but without hope, 1 Penny 1960 and 6$ - all that in just under 1 hour.

Thanks for stopping by and Have Fun!


  1. I wonder what happened to the rest of the camera.

  2. Your doin well with the new detector!

    Lovin my goldbugpro too, that is,
    when i manage to find the time to use it,
    as now im working basically fulltime 0700 - 1800 at the moment - sigh ;)