Tuesday 19 March 2013

2013 Hunt#35 Victorian Gold from Devonport

Hunt #34 was empty with only 3$, so we will skip that one.

So today i had my small adventure :-) I really like this 15 minute ferry trip that costs only 8$ return,
i made a small Video, so i hope you will enjoy :

And here are the best of the best:

The gold ring is 15 CT 6 gram
Platinum is a whooping 12.20 gram

Victorian jewellery:
Most 19th century jewellery is 15ct which is quite yellow due to the higher carat and gold content. 15ct, 12ct and 9ct were introduced in 1854 and 12ct and 15ct were discontinued in 1932 when 14ct was introduced


  1. Ahhhhh!!! I wasn't gonna head to the lakes detecting tomorrow, but you've now got me drooling again!

    That plat is a fantastic find, but I really like the gold ring. I hadn't known about the 15ct before.

  2. hey max, what is the actual stamp on the 15k ring say... funny us both finding a 15k object so close in time.