Wednesday 20 March 2013

2013 Hunt#36 Silver, digging down to China and a coil Bolt

Heya all,
Treasureseeker and i met up at Devonport beach for early hunt,
There were 2 objectives for us:
* i tried to search for a lost gold ring that was lost for the ...3D! time...3 weeks ago..
Unfortunately beach has an enormous sand movement activity daily and even that i had exact spot where it was dropped , my effort was fruitless. there were so many tiny rubbish pieces that i couldn't go into pin point mode to hear deeper targets...
* second objective was to try PIN Point mode for deeper targets in one particular area, we both gave up idea immediately as we couldn't even do one swing - too many pieces of aluminum around.

The silver Ring was 5 scoops down and i almost thought that it would be aluminum blob or something..
Anyway, no gold today, but 6$ that covered my trip back home and an Ugly silver band

Another important thing for Exaclibur Users,
Our coil bolt is thiner than other detectors :-/, so could  not use Toilet bolt as future replacement and failed all hardware bathroom stores, Mitre10 and bunnigs, none of them had what was required.

Bolt measurements:

Length 55Mil
screw-thread OD 6 Mil
with Wind nut

Finally i found an Auckland firm - Hi-Q components that has exactly all shapes and sizes,
however they were not selling individual items, but in packs of 25 :-)
Although, not expensive, the total price, shipped via courier was 21$ :-)

So, Brett, Treasureseeker and anyone else who would like a spare coil bolt- let me know ;-)


  1. Re the pinpointing were you both using Excal's?

    1. Yap, both Excals, i really like excal in pinpoint (but only in the clean area) as it goes as deep as PI machine

  2. Replies
    1. Hm,depends on the target size and soil conditions. in white raro sand i was able to pick up 5cent coins as deep as 30 SM

  3. Yeah that is pretty cool.
    I have my ET sorted better now. Mission bay last weekend current 20c coins at about 40cm which I thought was really OK. Just wish there had been something better to find. :-)

    1. I have couple of ideas where to go for better finds ;-) let me know when you are available and if you want a small road trip /adventure :-)

    2. OK will do. Need a Gold or multi Silver fix. :-). Maybe over Easter.

  4. I take it that the Excal in Pin Point mode would be the same as All Metal on other machines (pin point on permanently)? If so its bloody hard to use in junky areas but allows you to reach a lot deeper then discriminate.

    The V3i allows me to use both at the same time (either in mono or stereo) but it can drive me nuts on parks or dry sand areas. A good trick for a "coin hole" on the beach is to clear the shallow targets with discriminate mode first to get rid of interference then go over again in All Metal (Pin Point)as it will pick up the deeper targets that have also accumulated there (i.e. heavy gold!). Even a very slight barely audible lift in the background sound will be a target.

    1. Pin mode is great, but not for such beaches as Auckland - so much rubbish :-(

  5. I used my old fisher f4 in all metal most of the time at the beach, spose it was quite under powered really.. pinpoint with the etrac is great for checking deep iffy signals... just really to see if its an actual object.