Friday 22 March 2013

2013 Hunt#38 Chilly morning water and waves into the face

Good Day Team,

Treasureseeker and went on another "BELOW LOW TIDE MARK" hunt .
The sun was just rising when we got into the water, so it was pretty cold with a strong wind smashing big waves into our faces, so it wasnt as pleasant to detect as it was yestarday.

However, detecting in big surf gives it advantages- first of all, waves wash away all light sand and light stuff like aluminum. Secondary, waves wash out holes down to clay/rock and it it easy to get to those old targets.

There were a number of coins found and area was really promising, so after treasureseeker gave up and went to dry up, i got even more determined that would not get out of water before i get nay type of ring....
just 2 targets later...- nice old silver wedding band...
.. Completely satisfied and extremely tired i got out of the water even that it still was low tide (really really exhausting to detect chest deep with waves over head)

here is my loot for today :

The answer to a question :"is there any stuff below low tide mark?" is YES, but it is way too much effort..


  1. What no gold!!! Max - you're loosing your touch, get back out into that water!!! :)

    1. haha, it was really hard.Plus i forgot my weight belt, and waves were just knocking me off

  2. Weight belt is one thing I'm lacking. Got the belt but only 1 weight left for it, & it gets hard trying to dig in the scoop when you keep floating up!

  3. Good going Max,might have been an effort but well worth while.