Sunday 15 December 2013

Almost missed noon Law tide, but got gold ;-)

Hi All,

First of all, there was another terrible hunt last night, when Andrew and i visited 2 different beaches that had extra 0.5 meters of sand. All we got was aluminum, aluminum and more aluminum..

So today, i decided to hit the beach during the day, so i can at least see low spots and detect them.

Spent about 2 hours at the beach and got some pretty cool things ! :

Thirst of all i salvaged full dive belt with 8 Kg on it, the belt itself was very rotten and the clasp rusted away.
so i cut the strap and took the weights:

Now, i would like to mention that i was detecting in the water- chest deep during low tide today,
so i had my 10 kg belt . It was bloody mission to get home with extra 8 kg on belt (i travel by bus and on feet around Auckland) So, If you want to slim yourself a bit, get 20 kg dive belt and do 2 km walk :-) in  the heat , Good luck!

As fro all finds:

So i had just over 30 finds today, that makes it the rate of 4mpf (minutes per find)

My first intact Tin/Lead toy, still has some paint on it!

And the rings!

The 9 Ct on the left is just about 2.22 gram,
And on the right is a very interesting ring, it is 9ct silver lined, that means it is silver in the gold shell. pretty thick one. I think they are called Filled rings in Usa.

I am not sure if that ring will count towards year competition, so will say for now that i am at 69  gold rings for the year!

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  1. That is the most lead I have seen anyone recover. Nice job on the rings