Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmass Dreams rained away

There is only one week left for

****** 2013 Great Aussie Gold Ring Shootout Comp ******

...Meggie sitting on 76 Gold rings for the year,  while i am on 69

I had big goal of catching up and taking the lead this week , but unfortunately Auckland weather is killing it for me :-(

It very cold here for summer, with no people swimming, i saw no more than 20 people in the water over the weekend .

Just check below weather forecast for the week :

How can i beat Meggie with our 22 degrees and rain , when its 35 in QLD?! :-(


Anyway, yesterday went to another beach, met up with TONZNZ for a first time :-)

Tony, it was nice to meet you!

I put a lot of hard work in a very polluted beach (lots of aluminum blobs) , but was rewarded only with 10$ and (quite nice) 31 gram silver bracelet (picture later on)

Oh well.

One week left, i need a gold ring every day now :-)


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  1. Nice to meet you too Max and your lovely partner. Cheers Tony