Thursday 26 December 2013

Pre Christmas silver

With a desperate attempt i tried to detect every day before 25/12 to get at least one more gold before the end of  the year. Unfortunately all my attempts were fruitless and i am stuck on 69 with only 5days to go.

23&24 of December got me total of 22$ and two silvers :

It is important to mention, that i didn't have an easy walk on a wet sand- i was doing full on below low tide mark detecting, wearing wetsuit and 15 kg of weight, Freezed my balls off there.... :-( Stupid NZ summer...

Main bonus is cardiac exercise 3 hour each :-) Plus random, cool encounters on the beach, like this kids fort

 So with 5 days to go, i will try to get something today... in the rain :-(

1 comment:

  1. Your best chance has to be while the crowds are there or just after for the fresh drops. Good luck.