Wednesday 11 December 2013

Brisbane Trip, Return Home and a Holey Penny

Brisbane Trip, Return Home and a Holey Penny

First of all, I want to pass a Big, HUGE "thank you" to Greg (Sirfindalot) and his wife for hosting me for the whole week :-)
Greg made my trip a real adventure, spending numerous hours behind the wheel driving to and as far as from Sunshine coast to Gold coast. That is highly appreciated and I will do all I can to return a favour in any possible way :-)

There are many other great words I can say, but lets just put them to the deed next time :-)

As for totals for the trip :

Gold Coast:
* 26$, Gold Ring, Junk Ring some other bits and bops
Brisbane area:
* Gold Ring, junk Ring, water proof watch, Ram Head, Florin
Sunshine Coast:
* Titanium Ring and some change

We didn’t go to any old places as it was too hot and too many snakes around, Greg probably would do ok in a bush, but I am not familiar with environment and would had have higher chance stepping on a snake.

Other Highlights of the trip :

·         Watermelons – I love Australian watermelons! every trip I do to AU, I start with a nice big (we talking 10KG+ ) chilled goodness J
·         Mangoes – Very nice as well
·         Kangaroo BBQ! …. That was nice to eat an AUSSIE Symbol ;-)
I went to Coles and was unable to find the stake myself, so I approached butcher:
-          Hi mate, I am from NZ, I am trying to find some ROO stake to try out .(the guys face was priceless! When I said that I am from NZ and that I want to eat the symbol of Australia) J HA-HA , Epic
·         2 awesome dogs … gonna miss you and hope I will see you next time around
·         Morning birds on the electric wires , you were loud, as  loud as Roosters in Rarotonga, but very nice J
·         Weather-super nice all week, even on one day when it was rainy for an hour, we saw a DOUBLE rainbow over the beach .

--- Auckland Return ---

After a quick fly back to Auckland, I was able to get out for Sunday evening detecting in a Local Beach where I scored an empty wallet 

and my very next Platinum Ring :-)  But it is not just a ring... there might be story about it!

About a month ago when I was detecting at the beach, another Detectorist told me that some weeks prior someone lost a Platinum ring at the beach and no one was able to recover it. Beach was detected many times since then... I would say at least by 20+ people multiple times, including me 3 times. And no one picked the ring up!

The reason for that , that the ring a bit tiny and sounded in pull tab range dropping into foil range. So most of people will not dig it.

Anyway, it has been 3 days and I am still trying to get hold of person who should have contact details for people who lost platinum ring, so I can validate if that is there one...

IMAGINE how cool its going to be for them to get it back before xmass!... and I am hoping for a good reward as scrap value of the ring is quite high ;-)

Now, I was a bit Lazy on Monday and even with good tides I didn’t go anywhere :-( well.. really bad of me when I want to beat Meggie with only 20 days left for the year :-(

So yesterday I geared up and went to one of my Favourite spots.

I had to change a 20$ note for some bus coins...and it was crazy, change machine gave me out twenty brand new, never circulated 1$ coins.. so Shiny as real gold :

2 hours of Detecting , yelled 19XX gold 9ct ring, 3 silvers and a Junker + couple of nice coins.

So that is me for now.. see you all at the beach!

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  1. Max you are amazing. What a great bunch of finds! Good luck on returning the ring.