Sunday 29 December 2013

Ring recovery: Wedding and Engagement rings for a newlywed couple

Good Day everyone.

Friday was my day off that started with a lazy morning as i didnt want to go for a morning low tide (no people on the beaches prior days due to the rain) .

However during lunch time i started to breed a plan to strike one of the beaches for my #70 gold  as sun came out and webcams were showing people going for a swim.

That is when i got a call from Lucy, who advised that her sister , Giselle, just lost a ring at Palm Beach , Waiheke Island. The time was 2 hours before high tide. I asked all the general questions and was advised that ring was lost in the chest deep water, but Giselle noted the moment when they slipped and was able to get good bearing towards the beach and side rocks (X&Y coordinates for me ). Also there were not much of wave movement at a time .

We agreed that i will come over couple of hours earlier (glad i did) as weather conditions could change pretty fast, especially when the forecast was rain and wind .

Packed my stuff and went to catch a 17:30 ferry, however it was delayed for 15 minutes. (low tide was 21:20). Quick and really pleasant 40 minute ride got me to Matiatia Wharf right after 1820 where i was greeted by Michael , his wife Giselle and and a family friend (sorry forgot your name dude )

General car chat revealed that there were actually 2 rings that were lost - Wedding and Engagement! More over, couple was married fro only a week!! And finally Rings were made out of family gold and one even handcrafted by couple together!!! So you can imagine the great sentimental value!

When we arrived at the beach the tide was going out , but waves started to pic up. That was not a good thing for that beach as sand is VERY VERY fluffy there and even aluminum pulltaps sink 2 scoops down (so gold could sink beyond the reach of detector even with one tide)

So i decided to go into water,even that i didnt have my swimming shorts (got a bit wet up to my waist , but all was worth it! )

Check this Video Out to see the action and emotions :

Here is rescue photo and the close up of the rings :

Michael and Giselle , thank you very much for generous reward , that comes right on time and will go towards  my next adventure trip that unexpectedly popped out just the other day.

For every one else : Have a great holidays , be save, do not drink to much and enjoy where ever you are!


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