Monday 23 December 2013


One weekend, Did two Hunts, Three hour each :-) = 7 Rings over the weekend.

Both days, did low tide during the day , Saturday was a wet sand where i covered an enormous area of the beach, as targets were far and between. 2 Nice silver rings and a spill of 3 kids rings:

On Sunday i went to the same beach and decided to do water detecting below low tide mark,
I didnt have high hopes as Brett (Littlespec) did about 3 hours there, however we all know that it is almost impossible to cover underwater area properly.

So after 3 hours i picked up couple of targets that he dug up and left behind - including a very nice, heavy Brass Oarlock and neat 1958 NZ Penny

The Keys!... This is funny...
When i was detecting this beach on Saturday, i saw a guy with THESE KEYS going in/out of the water swimming. Right that moment i had a thought :"someone gonna loose those keys today." - How right i was :-)

And the best of the day :

So, Seven rings, but no gold :-(

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